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The Lost Art of Caring for Your Aging Parents

The Lost Art of Caring for Your Aging Parents

There will come a day when our parents won’t have the capacity to drive, to climb up the stairs, put on clothes, or feed themselves. As devastating as this may be, we at 247 Care Plus plan smartly to make their last phases of their lives safe but enjoyable.


This isn’t a topic that you can simply talk over the phone with your parents and siblings. It’s smarter to organize a meeting with all your family members to explore the best way to take care of your aging parents after a careful assessment of your financial capacities.

Consider Your Parents’ Needs and Wishes

Amid the discourse, discover what your parent’s plans are, whether they have any. Would they like to “age at home” or stay close to one of their children? Would it more economically well to move to a more affordable home — maybe a senior living community (also known as a retirement home) where they’ll have more interactions with other individuals of their age?

Notice the signs:

Dietary patterns

  • Have they lost weight or lost their appetite?
  • Can they cook by themselves?
  • Do they stock their fridge with healthy sustenance?

Cleanliness and hygiene

  • Do they have body odor?
  • Can they bathe themselves and change to decent clothing on their own?
  • Have their grooming habits changed?

Home maintenance

  • Do they run their home the same way?


  • Can they still move freely?
  • Can they go up and down the stairs on their own without difficulties?
  • Can they keep their balance?
  • Can they still drive?

Weigh the necessity of an in-home Caregiver

  • The bright side: A caregiver will have the enthusiasm — and physical qualities expected to give the daily care, such as feeding, bathing, or dressing elderly guardians, most especially if they’re fragile, have a chronic illness, or have a memory lapse.
  • Strategic issues: Do you have enough rooms in your home? Are you situated in the heart of the city or in a secluded area?
  • Financial aspects: Can your finances afford the extra hand? Do your parents have medical insurance? How far can your finances stretch out?

Measure the Senior Care and Home Care Options

Home care administrations enable seniors to stay at home while being assisted by caregivers and other professionals with their Activities of Daily Living. As a private home care in Upland, California, we offer services on a daily, weekly or 24/7 basis.

As with any other life decision, the best thing you can do is get educated and discuss this carefully with your family members — be unwavering, be strong, and be understanding. And even if the highlight here is giving your parents the best care, make sure you don’t forget about yourself. Reach out to us and let’s talk about all the possible options.

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