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Random Question: Why Are Caregivers Happy Persons?

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“A smile costs nothing, but creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give.” – Dale Carnegie.

Have you not noticed? Most often than not, caregivers are cheerful individuals. They wear happy smiles on their faces while they serve and sometimes they become too chatty. They are brimming with energy and positivity. They will try to make you laugh and will look at you with encouraging eyes.

In every kind of job, you will have to develop a certain type of attitude. As a caregiver, you need to be warm and compassionate. Despite the difficulty of the situation, the patient must never see you in broken spirits. Why is this so? 247 Care Plus lists six comprehensive points to further explain why:

  1. Caregivers are personal cheerleaders.
    Though not common on employment contracts, it is part of a caregiver’s job to mentally, emotionally, and psychologically support his client. He must make sure that his client is not feeling miserable with his company. Being sick is never easy. That is why caregivers can be that ray of sunshine needed by patients on their rainy days.
  2. Caregivers are also anti-depression combatants.
    Amazingly, depression is warded off through healthy companionship. Though caregivers are no psychologists, they help maintain the patients’ sanity. They can offer pep talks. Also, they should always be willing to listen to the patients’ woes.
  3. Smiling promotes trustworthiness.
    Caregivers need to acquire their patients’ approval. Before reaching that stage, they must first get the clients’ trust. Unfortunately, trust is difficult to acquire. Often, it is based on physical appearance. Being so, smiling and displaying a sunny mood will lower any vibe of danger and deceit.
  4. Smiling eases tension and intimidation.
    If a patient is uneasy with a caregiver, the former may develop stress, worst, trauma. To keep this from happening, each caregiver must be understanding and likable. They cannot afford to exude a strong personality. Doing which will only push the patient further.
  5. Smiling encourages cooperation.
    If a caregiver will not be able to convince the patient to cooperate, failure is bound to happen. Note that caregiving is a two-way process. If a patient will not work to help himself, no therapy will be effective.
  6. It is good for the heart.
    Smiling is a human gesture that non-verbally signals another to relax. Once relaxed, the blood pressure lowers and the blood vessels detract making blood flow and breathing easier. Consequently, this will give an opportunity for the heart to rest and to function normally.

Aside from being brightly positive, 247 Care Plus boasts that our caregivers are adept, patient, and efficient too! Since there are multiple providers of Private Home Care in Upland California already, we refuse to back down from the competition. We continue to be strict with our team members and train them even further to deliver only the finest Home Health Care!

If you have questions, our representatives will enthusiastically answer them! Feel free to call us at 714-794-2023.

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