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How Worse Can Loneliness Take Seniors?


“My loneliness is killing me” is a famous song lyric from the music icon, Britney Spears. Though the idea could sound exaggerated in a song, it can actually ring bells of truth in the life of the lonely.

Google has defined loneliness as a state of sadness when one is in isolation or in the absence of friends and any other companion. So many elders have been bearing the greatly probable consequence of aging – living alone.

Living alone in their golden years can cause elders deep feelings of loneliness. When the dilemma isn’t addressed right, loneliness can only convert to:

  • Depression
    Depression in the elderly can increase the risk of cardiac diseases and mortality. It can even be a drive for some to commit suicide. It also sickens the mind with torturous overthinking and pessimistic mindset. Depression that is caused by loneliness can only invite many other diseases.
  • Disinterest
    Untreated loneliness steals elders’ drive to engage in productive activities. Any form of social gathering and meaningful tasks could only seem uninteresting to them, no matter how enticing. They lose interest even in the things that used to excite them effortlessly. They would also rather isolate themselves, withdrawing from every opportunity to converse with others.
  • Demotivation
    Loneliness can make seniors unmotivated to responsibly care about their own well-being. Hygienic practices can be repeatedly neglected. Regular meals can be skipped without them making a big deal out of it. Keeping their shelter tidy and organized can also be put aside. When all these become their norm, life-threatening illnesses can crawl from just around the corner.
  • Diseased Heart
    Untreated loneliness keeps recurring day after day. The heart can eventually reach its limits in bearing all ill emotions. It bursts tremendously, possibly leading to abnormal heartbeats, shortness of breath, or worse, heart attack. For elders who happen to live alone, necessary medical assistance becomes far of a reach. Cardiac issues left unaddressed can only result in death.

Loneliness is a perilous resident of the heart. It needs to be vacuumed away right before it can get a chance to turn the elders’ emotions into something worse.

As a Private Home Care in Upland California, 247 Care Plus extends our deepest concerns for elders who are agonized by living alone. Our Home Health Care seeks to meet their need for caregivers who display matchlessness as companions.

If you happen to know an elder whose loneliness is beginning to slay them from within, we appreciate you making us known to them right away. You can engage in a meaningful conversation with us by calling us at 714-794-2023. We’d love to address every elder’s home healthcare concern with the best of our abilities.

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