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7 Helpful Reminders in Caring for Immobile Patients

7 Helpful Reminders in Caring for Immobile Patients

Patients may lose mobility due to many reasons – accidents, amputation, bone, and muscle loss, etc. Just by seeing these patients, it is not hard to conclude that the life they are living is difficult. Lying down in their bed, unable to do anything can be frustrating, less depressing.

If you know people who are mobility-impaired patients, there are still chances for them to attain freedom in motion. One critical thing is that they will need your help. Other people can be their limbs so that they can do the things they love. However, heed caution. When caring for immobile patients, here are helpful tips to help you out:

1. Take it slowly but surely.
Never rush. Being too hasty may lead to accidents like slips and falls. Always keep in mind that they are no longer in control of their bodies, they rely on you for motion. Speed is not what your goal here, it is efficiency. Avoid compromising their safety at all costs.

2. Be firm
On your end, you have to be physically strong. Refrain from supporting immobile patients beyond your limit. Your willingness to help is good but the patients’ health must be top priority. Doing weight training may help you enhance your endurance and hold.

3. Protect fragile areas
When moving patients, always secure their head and other fragile areas. If they got injuries or fractures, move in a way that will avoid hitting those areas. Employ safe and standardized methods and be quick on your feet. Someone’s life is on the line.

4. Stay vigilant
Watch out for anything that may lead to accidents and pain to the patients. Be quick-witted. Be wise when judging which actions are best taken for your loved ones’ utmost comfort. Any change in the patients’ conditions must be taken into consideration too.

5. Change position regularly.
Bed sores are commonly experienced by immobile patients because the skin and the underlying muscles are exposed to weight and stress. Relieve them from the pain and hassle by changing their position from time to time. The use of appropriate pillows and sheets will be beneficial.

6. Exude a happy mood.
They are only immobile, not emotionally numb. Whatever it is that you are feeling towards them, there is a big chance that they will feel it. Throw away all the negativity and keep that smile brimming!

7. Do not give up on them.
No matter how hopeless their case may seem, always keep the faith. They deserve your undying support until the very end. Be their life support. Let them feel that no matter what happens, you are ready to be by their side.

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